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What Our Clients Are Saying

It was such a delight and an honor to meet you. Hopefully, I will be able to visit again and maybe team teach with you. Your energy is electrifying!!!!


 I am constantly inspired by my fellow doTERRA Wellness Advocates who find time in their busy schedules to serve in their communities. I was so moved by the story of Wellness Advocate Leigh Cavender, who volunteers with the Spinal Cord Tumor Association to bring comfort and support to those struggling with a rare cancer diagnosis. After surviving a spinal cord tumor herself, Leigh understands how scary it is to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and trying to navigate through treatments. Now that she is cancer-free, Leigh donates her time to help those with this rare cancer in hopes of calming their fears and offering support during times of physical and emotional distress. Not only am I inspired by Leigh’s own fight against cancer, but her ability to help those who are dealing with the frightening reality of what she went through. Read the full story on—hopefully it will inspire you just as much as it inspired me!

I found the Melt class very informative and helpful. I particularly liked learning the inner thigh exercises which were new to me.  E.
I do notice a difference with my neck and back after the session. I will look into the next session and try to get my husband to come too.  C.T.

I really enjoyed the MELT workshop and am still processing everything. I definitely felt better the next day and had a great night’s sleep. . . all the things you told us to look for.   M.V.

Thanks so much for last evening, Kristen. You were terrific and I’m happy I got to meet you. I am going to start MELT at home. My thumb is much better today. Not sure if it is the MELT, oils or the self-Reiki that I did when I got home. But something changed.  C.

Thanks for a great class! I did sleep well Tuesday night and during last night’s yoga class I felt much more grounded — Nailed Tree pose with nary a wiggle, even my final relaxation felt somehow more grounded.  T.


Thanks so much for Tuesday’s class—it was wonderful! I felt great all evening and into the next day. The before-and-after assessments were so powerful; it was incredible to see and feel such a dramatic improvement in alignment and range of motion. I look forward to your newsletter and will plan to MELT again in the future. J.


Thank you Kristen for such a wonderful MELT today!! I am hooked !! xo   KS


Wanted to let you know MELT is amazing! I am having a pretty bad day today.. Did way too much yesterday). Before doing MELT I was 1 1/2- 2 inches off in frontal bend! That’s a lot!! After melt I am even!! Feel more grounded and centered. I tried some yoga stretches and they have improved from doing this as well!! So happy!  J


A few days after the workshop, I started foam rolling again first thing in the morning.  I bought a MELT method kit and started using that every morning upon waking for both hands and feet.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve dropped 8 lbs and had more energy and focus than I’ve had in years.  I can get so much deeper into yoga poses and move so much more effortlessly through anything. Everything around me is improving more quickly and dramatically that at any other point in my life.  I am able to bounce out of bed at 4am, crush heavy workouts in the afternoon, and do Bikram yoga at night.  I’m more available and energized to those around me….more able to share my passion and enthusiasm wherever I go.  CW


I thought that you gave a great class and that your commitment and enthusiasm for the technique was inspiring.  DF


Thank you! I felt relaxed but energized if that makes sense – I slept the entire night for the first time in months – could that really be from one time? And I was tired (not enough hours of sleep but solid) this morning but have a ton of energy.  ST


I really enjoyed the experience. You were so very informative and I felt like I learned a lot and retained all of the information you gave to us.  I am looking forward to getting a roller and reading the first chapter of the book… maybe even buying the book eventually.  I had a long night (concert) so I couldn’t tell you about the sleep, because I hit the bed and passed out. But, I did notice that my shoulder was feeling a little better.  TB

I strained my shoulder playing golf a few weeks ago, and was ‘babying’ my shoulder during Jazzercise classes and in everyday life. Last night, I melted with the balls and this morning I woke up pain free. LH

Thank you so much for yesterday. I enjoyed the session very much. I love the fact that you are empowering people to take their health into their own hands.  NL


I feel great today!  Woke up feeling more energized and I feel like I have a spring in my step today. Looking forward to next week’s class.  LR


I felt well after the class and my co-worker Jen and I both commented how our feet felt “flatter and more grounded” afterwards. I also slept very well but am very fortunate that this is usually the case. I’ve been dealing with some back issues as of late and they’ve gratefully been improving; this morning I found the improvement to be continuing.  AD


Thank you so much for introducing me to the MELT method.  The first night of sleep after using the roller mat, was the first time in months(maybe years) – that I was able to roll over without waking up, or thinking about it.  With back issues I had over the years, I was always careful about ‘rolling over’.  I now don’t even think about it.  😀


I now plan to alternate days with the balls and the mat forever!  There is no reason to be in pain with such a simple solution to fix it.  Let me know if/how I can help you spread the word.  I’ll do my best to share with my friends and family. LH