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I don’t have any sisters, not biological ones at least (just one fairly cool brother).

But lately I’ve had a lot of sisterhood.

First, I spent a couple of days away with my sisters from the Feminine Evolution Mastery Program with Dawn Copeland. I’m in my second year in this program, and it’s a unique combination of business strategy and energy activation. It’s amazing how connected we can feel after only 48 hours together.

Then later that week I spent a half day with my Mastermind partners. This is a more informal group of women that have joined together to act as advisors and support for one another and our respective businesses.  We meet monthly and have been through a lot together.

Finally, I’m fresh off of a trip to Nashville for some cross team leadership with my doTerra sisters.  We laughed a lot!  While there I attended a wonderful evening about creating more intimate relationships with other women and being vulnerable.

So after this influx of sister time I’ve been thinking about WHY sisterhood is so vital to me, not only as a business owner, but as a woman.

We lift each other up.  We need more of this, especially as women.  It’s easy to get into the trap of comparing rather than supporting.  Whoever said “comparison is the thief of joy” nailed it.

We share common fears and struggles. I’m amazed at how similar our challenges and fears are, even when our backgrounds, experiences, education, families, etc are so different. We all just want to feel like we’re enough.

We celebrate together.  All of these relationships include laughter and hugs. It’s reassuring to have a lot of cheerleaders in your corner.

Whether it’s sisters or brothers, business or otherwise, find your tribe.

As my wise coach Dawn says…..

“I see you, and you are magnificent.”

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