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Self Love…..







Self love seems to be a popular topic this month.

It’s also what I decided to focus on for February..  Cultivate radiant self love and self care.

Last month I wrote about forgoing resolutions this year in favor of choosing a selective focus each month.  I found this new approach to be very helpful and effective in January which was all about physical health for me, so I think I’m going to keep this idea going.

I began by asking myself the critical question:

What does radiant self-love/self-care look and feel like to me?

I came up with this answer:

  • Taking to time to care for and love myself without explanation or rationalization
  • Scheduling time JUST for me
  • Loving and appreciating myself
  • Continuing to make my health a priority (will be carrying over some of my January efforts)
  • Rest more, nap more
  • Allowing myself to fully feel and experience my emotions and not judge or analyze them

Also, as I did last month, I got clear on what I could CONTINUE doing, START doing and STOP doing to CULTIVATE radiant self care and self love.

Part of self love is really tuning into what I want or need and honoring that.  At first glance seem like a long list or a lot of work, but often it’s not a matter of adding more items on my to do list, but re framing what I’m already doing.

For example, there are many ‘escape’ activities I may gravitate to instead of practicing self care and cultivating deeper self love.

One commitment I’m practicing this month is to pause before going on Facebook or YouTube, turning on the TV, or making a snack and ask myself what do I really need or want RIGHT NOW?

This way I can choose from an intentional place. Maybe at times a good bout of You Tube binging IS exactly what I need.   But it can easily become a way to procrastinate, avoid or numb.

Simple, but not easy.

What are your favorite ways to love and care for yourself?  I would love to hear!

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