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Perfection and priorities …

I love to entertain. In fact, I aim to entertain at least once a month in one form or another.  Menu planning and cooking is a fun and creative process that I take pride in. I even love typing up and displaying the menu for guests :).

One annual event is the Hargraves Christmas Celebration which usually happens on New Years Day. The Hargraves area friends who are like family and since we don’t get together that often, I really look forward to seeing Barb, Brian and the girls. Other family members  join us to have time with the Hargraves as well.

This year our usual 1/1 date was set, and the week prior, the sh$t hit the fan as they say.

First, my brother went into the hospital for emergency open heart surgery (he’s home now and doing well.), Then Rich went down hard with the flu and I followed soon after with a milder case.

As New Year’s Day approached we were back on our feet, but I’d done nothing to prepare.  Christmas presents weren’t wrapped, no menu planned, no shopping for food and the house  was a mess.

We decided to go  ahead with the gathering since everyone’s health seemed to be back on track. We picked up dishes up pre-made food from a local caterer, and straightened up a bit (just a little bit lol).

I let go of perfection and focused on priorities.  What was my priority for this day – time with  family and friends. Not a typed up menu or homemade food. Obviously from the photo we still had a good time.

Simple, silly example, but how many times do you hold onto something tightly when you could loosen the grip?

Where do you allow perfection to get in the way of your priorities?

Or as my one of my favorite authors Gretchen Rubin says, do you let perfect get in the way of the good?

Priorities. That is all.

Know them. Elevate them.

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