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One of the hardest things I’ve done, but I wouldn’t change it.

Postdam, Germany – one of my last corp biz trips


Fifteen years.  REALLY?  It was 15 years ago today when I was laid off from my corporate job and decided to go full out entrepreneur.   Sometimes it’s hard to even remember what that was like.   The flexibility and freedom I’ve had since then has become part of my DNA and I can’t imagine a 9 am – 5 pm gig that grants me two weeks vacation. I realize the entrepreneurial life is not for everyone.  BUT, loving your life, being the designer of your life, that, I highly recommend.  I believe it can truly change you.

Now believe me, it wasn’t a picnic.  When I was laid off from Corporate America I was single (so no second income in the home), with a Fairfield County size mortgage (also no picnic).  It was ALL on me.  And sometimes it was rough.  Really rough.  Over the past decade and a half I shed a lot tears and had many meltdowns.  My self-esteem took a HUGE hit regularly when I looked at my bank balance.  but none of these moments were lasting.

What has lasted were the lessons and realizations I gained along the way.

Here’s what I discovered:

** I am a strong, independent capable woman and I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.

** I am resilient.

** I don’t define success only by my bank balance.  Success to me is the ability to create a life that I love and to make a difference in the world.

** AND I can ALSO create financial success and security for myself.  It is NOT one or the other.

** I am the designer of my own life, (co-creating of course with the Big Guy, Universe or whatever you choose to call it.)

My 15 post corporate years have been quite a ride!  While I do miss those business class plan tickets, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And I’m just getting started!





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