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I’ll admit, it’s NOT my favorite…BUT…


Happy Halloween!
I’ll admit it’s my least favorite holiday.I think it goes back to around fifth grade when my grandmother made me dress up as a tree, while I had visions of being a ballerina or a princess.  Brown pants and turtleneck and fake fall leaves pinned to my body and a bird’s nest on the top of my head.  Perhaps my mom could add the details, but I suspect there was a tantrum involved.

Turns out a won a prize in the costume parade at school.

Go figure.

Ever have things not go the way you want, and yet still have a positive outcome?

Make no mistake, even with my winning ribbon in hand I was still longing for pink and some bling.

However, if I’d been a princess that day, I would have no memory of that particular Halloween.  Not only would I have blended in, but I’d have missed out on recounting a memory that is such a beautiful example of how creative, crafty and unique my grandmother Dolly was.

There’s always another way to look at things.

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