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A Matter of Balance: A Woman's Quest for Health, Harmony & Kick-Ass Heels


Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate thoughts and words to share when my social media feed is wallpapered with the pain of women (and some men, too) illustrating the magnitude of peop

le who have been affected by harassment and abuse in the world. 

As a former Human Resources professional, I dealt with this topic countless times, and witnessed the aftermath for both the victims and predators.

As a corporate trainer I delivered Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention trainings to literally thousands of people.

As a friend, I’ve witnessed heartbreaking stories from friends who have been victimized.

As a woman, I have not been immune.

This is a VERY important and necessary conversation that must happen. 

And not to discount that in ANY WAY, today I focus on the trailblazers.

This message filled my heart.  Let’s tell the young women (and men) of today become trailblazers for the future.

Make it a great day…and be a trailblazer….

Be bold….

Last  weekend I had the pleasure of having my nephew Chase (age 6) come to spend the day and sleep over. (Isn’t he just so stinkin’ cute! Biased, I know).

We had a lot of fun and one thing that I was reflecting is how bold Chase is.

At the pier at the beach he slid right along side the fishermen asking what kind of fish they’d caught, what they were going to do with it, etc.

At dinner, he cozied up to the guy on the piano to make a few requests (unfortunately the pianist wasn’t up on the 6 yr old music scene).

Recently he won a bunch of ducks playing one of those games at a popular restaurant.   A little while later he came back to the table with a wad of cash in his hand and the conversation went something like this:

My brother:  Um, Chase where did you get that money?
(I can imagine the things that must have gone through his mind).
Chase: I sold the ducks
My brother: How?
Chase: I went around to the people eating dinner and asked them if they wanted to buy a duck for a dollar.

Hmmm, I think we have a budding entrepreneur in our midst!

This story really made me laugh, and I shared it today at a meeting with my team.

I often find myself often holding back, playing small, afraid to be too bold.  I wouldn’t want to come across as too confident, would I now?

Are you holding yourself back, when you could BE BOLD?

Just think of what you could be missing out on.

Look for the Helpers





I hesitated to write/send anything today, because there is such a heavy feeling in the air and I don’t know that I could find any words.

This quote from Mr. Rogers has unfortunately gotten too much play in the last several years.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,  Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”Fred Rogers

I’m a huge fan of Mr. Rogers (even went to his ‘neighborhood’ to see him live back in the day). But I wish that there wasn’t so much scary news that is prompting the frequent sharing of this message.

In my own effort to be a helper, in today’s newsletter I simply shared opportunities coming up to help people feel better in their bodies and in their lives. When we feel good it’s easier to love….ourselves, as well as others.
And now, we must love more than ever.
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Limiting your recovery time

Last week I had a day where I felt  pretty overwhelmed.

I was completely flooded with requests, appointments, and demands on my time on both the home and work front.

I couldn’t stop my mind was spinning and reeling, and I was exhausted.

I was aching for some downtime and white space in my calendar.

What’s most important I’ve found, is not that I get into that state, ’cause it’s bound to happen, but rather, how long I stay there.  I call this my ‘recovery time.’ Here’s how I decided to minimize my recovery time.

  • Phone a friend – well in this case it was text a friend.  It’s important to rely on the people who are your safe havens even if just to vent for a few minutes or share a laugh. (thanks girl, I know you’re reading this)
  • Help a friend – I have a friend who needed assistance during a really big life change and I was happy to help.  But wait, you said you were feeling overwhelmed (is that what you were just thinking?).  Yes, you have a point, HOWEVER, sometimes what can help slow us down is offering our help to someone else in need.
  • Get professional help – Yes, I do believe we can all benefit from some type of professional help. I enlist a business coach who also helps me with navigating the bigger picture of my world, since what’s happening in my life impacts my business.  I fortunately had a session scheduled with her last week and it was just what I needed to regroup and prioritize.
  • Make cookies (pictured above)- Ok, so you really don’t have to make cookies, but the point is to do something that is joyful.  My coach challenged me to complete this sentence. “When I have more free time I will……”    I enjoy cooking and baking and so I made the decision to completely unplug and bake.  (BTW these were delicious!  I got the recipe from one of my favorite YouTubers Sadia at Pick Up Limes;  She’s got delicious vegan recipes, and while I’m not a vegan I do like experimenting with vegan options.)
  • Use your tools – My greatest tool to shift my mood, other than the people who support me, are my essential oils.  I chose PEACE and Frankincense which I applied regularly on my heart, back of neck and wrist creases.  Then I put  Cedarwood, combined with our new Copaiba, Blue Tansy in my diffuser.  By inhaling relaxing scents the oil goes right into our limbic system, where our emotions reside.  PURE essential oils can make an IMMEDIATE change in your mood.

The result? It worked!

My recovery time was very fast and I was feeling calm, helping a friend AND enjoying a healthy cookie.  Can’t beat that.

A new vision……

I’m just back from the doTerra annual convention….30,000 like minded folks talking about disrupting healthcare.  Yep, pretty cool.

There is SO MUCH I could share about this experience.

It is exciting to be part of this revolution.

One of the incredible initiatives underway is the creation of a health & wellness clinic that combines traditional allopathic medicine with natural healthcare options.

Even better, it will actually reduce your healthcare expenses (contact me if you want to talk about this in more detail).

With an 84% increase in drug prescription spending since 2003 and a lower life expectancy rate… we all know change is needed!

And doTERRA is leading the way!

doTerra has broken ground on the first medical center of it’s kind on their campus in Utah (utilizing different natural healthcare modalities along with the allopathic approach as necessary–marrying the two approaches for the best patient-centered care).

At convention it was announced they will be making their choice in the next few months about where the next centers will be built.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one near you!?!?

So, if this sounds good to you…we want to hear from all of us!

Go to: to vote for a clinic to come to your area!!!

More about this incredible experience to come….in the meantime….

PS  It wasn’t all science and research though….we made sure to have fun too!

We clean up pretty well, don’t ya think?