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Be bold….

Last  weekend I had the pleasure of having my nephew Chase (age 6) come to spend the day and sleep over. (Isn’t he just so stinkin’ cute! Biased, I know).

We had a lot of fun and one thing that I was reflecting is how bold Chase is.

At the pier at the beach he slid right along side the fishermen asking what kind of fish they’d caught, what they were going to do with it, etc.

At dinner, he cozied up to the guy on the piano to make a few requests (unfortunately the pianist wasn’t up on the 6 yr old music scene).

Recently he won a bunch of ducks playing one of those games at a popular restaurant.   A little while later he came back to the table with a wad of cash in his hand and the conversation went something like this:

My brother:  Um, Chase where did you get that money?
(I can imagine the things that must have gone through his mind).
Chase: I sold the ducks
My brother: How?
Chase: I went around to the people eating dinner and asked them if they wanted to buy a duck for a dollar.

Hmmm, I think we have a budding entrepreneur in our midst!

This story really made me laugh, and I shared it today at a meeting with my team.

I often find myself often holding back, playing small, afraid to be too bold.  I wouldn’t want to come across as too confident, would I now?

Are you holding yourself back, when you could BE BOLD?

Just think of what you could be missing out on.

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