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Be a kid again….









Hope you’re making the most of your summer. Can’t believe the first week of August is already gone.  Poof!

This weekend I had lots of kid time, a sleepover with my nephews, and two celebrations with my dear friend’s daughters. I love it because it’s such a pure reminder to let go and PLAY.  That’s my nephew Chase wading in the water.

Joy, ease, abandon.

And of course we rocked out as well (Landon and Chase below).

I’m going to make sure I spend a fair amount of time playing this month while we’re in peak summer weather.  Planning on a solo beach day where I can lose myself in a good summer read, and I’ve got a fun ‘field trip’ to The Rubin coming up with some girlfriends, plus whatever else spontaneously develops.

How are you playing this month?


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