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Our essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  We harness nature’s most powerful elements for natural solutions.

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My planner this year!



Anyone who  knows me knows I LOVE a good planner.  Setting up my new planner is one of my favorite tasks of the year.   This year I decided to go with something brand spanking new.

I first heard about it through a Kickstarter campaign and was intrigued.  Since it’s brand new, there were no reviews or resources to rely on, but it looked like my kinda planner!

According to their site….The Dreambook helps you commit to your short- and long-term goals, personal growth, and whole health through creative processes, mind mapping, visioning, planning sessions, and a weekly boot camp. It also has space to journal along the way and reflect on your accomplishments. The Dreambook+Planner also incorporates a full weekly and monthly 2016 calendar to keep yourself on track.

So far I’m digging my new Dreambook (I got the combination Dreambook + Planner) and am excited to dive into 2016 planning (more posts to come on that!).

Click here to check it out, or even grab one for yourself.

And if you’ve got a new planner you’re breaking in this year, I’d love to hear about it!